OSID Change Log

Version Date Changes
3.0.0rc5g 03/09/2021
  • Batch processing enabled.
3.0.0rc5f 01/11/2021
  • Fixed signature in osid.billing.ItemAdminSession.
  • Fixed method in osid.billing.ItemForm.
  • Fixed method in osid.calendaring.ScheduleForm.
3.0.0rc5e 07/22/2020
  • Fixed problem in createOntology().
3.0.0rc5d 01/28/2020
  • Fixed AssessmentEntryForm.
3.0.0rc5b 08/14/2019
  • Fixed return type on createCalendar().
  • Fixed limit on ScheduleFotm.
3.0.0rc5a 06/20/2019
  • Fixed parameter types on createProgramOffering() and createActivityUnit().
3.0.0rc6 testing
OSRs Implemented:
  • OSR-5: Batch Notifications.
  • OSR-7: Reliable Notifications.
  • OSR-8: Catalog Assignment.
  • OSR-10: Managing DisplayTexts.
  • massive article cleanup
  • added ALREADY_EXISTS error to reassign methods
  • binder: javadoc generation fixes
  • OsidRecords: fixed parent interface for OsidEnabler form records
  • osid.Metadata: clarified default values and flags
  • osid.Metadata: added labels for enumerated sets
  • osid.Metadata: added multi-line constraints for DisplayTexts
  • osid.OsidEnabler: added required flag and cyclic time period
  • osid.Property: added a Type to categorize properties
  • osid.Sourceable: changed name of license field to usage terms
  • osid.assessment: refactored AssessmentSession
  • osid.authorization: added function lookup by Qualifier hierarchy
  • osid.authorization: fixed getQualifierVaultAssignmentSession
  • osid.bidding.rules: added enabler rule for Auction & Bid
  • osid.configuration: split ValueRetrievalSession from ValueLookupSession -- rename of value methods
  • osid.configuration: added queries by OsidPrimitive Types
  • osid.course.program: added objectives to Program
  • osid.course.program: fixed form for creating program offerings
  • osid.course.registration: renamed ActivityBundle to RegistrationTarget and added CourseRegistration
  • osid.course.registration.request: new service to submit registration requests
  • osid.dictionary: split the EntryLookupSession from the EntryretrievalSession
  • osid.grading: added sessions for GradeEntry cataloging and independent Grade management
  • osid.installation: full cataloging and independent management for content and sites
  • osid.inventory.shipment: full cataloging and independent management for shipment entries
  • osid.learning: fixed reassignObjective() method
  • osid.lexicon: new service for display text localization and substitution
  • osid.repository: added sessions for independent AssetContent management and evaluation
  • osid.repository.composition: moved compositions to separate package
  • osid.rules.check: baked in authorization and logging checks
  • osid.tracking.rules: added enabler rule for Queue
  • osid.voting.rules: added enabler rule for Ballot and Race
  • osid.workflow: changed step output state to a set of transition states
  • osid.workflow.event: added sub-package to replace workflow events
  • osid.workflow.rules: added rules for Process and Step
3.0.0rc5 06/19/2014
OSRs (Partially) Implemented:
  • OSR-5: Batch Notifications.
  • OSR-7: Reliable Notifications.
  • OSR-8: Catalog Assignment.
  • osid.assessment: look up Items by Question and Answer
  • osid.assessment: fixed pre-authorization method in BasicAuthoring
  • osid.assessment: fixed create on AssessmentOffered
  • osid.course: change from decimal to Grade for credit options
  • osid.logging: interface fixes for creating LogEntries
  • osid.logging: fix for setting Agent in LogEntryForm
3.0.0rc4 unreleased
  • osid.blogging: EntryForm fixes.
  • osid.forum: PostForm and ReplyForm fixes.
  • osid.installation: PackageForm fixes.
  • osid.inventory: ItemForm fixes.
3.0.0rc3 03/09/2014
  • osid.Sourceable: Removed OPERATION_FAILED from getBrandingIds().
  • osid.OsidProxyMnaager: Added PERMISSION_DENIED to rollbackService().
  • Bidding OSID: Cleaned up update() parameters for AuctionHouse.
  • Calendaring OSID: reclassified RecurringEvent as an OsidRule and cleaned up create() & update() parameters for Schedule.
  • Course OSID: Cleaned up create() parameters for ActivityUnit.
  • Financials Budgeting OSID: reclassified Budget as an OsidRelationship between an Activity and FiscalPeriod.
  • Learning OSID: Cleaned up update() parameters for ObjectiveBank.
  • Ordering OSID: Cleaned up create() parameters for PriceSchedule.
  • Recipe OSID: Cleaned up update() parameters for Procedure.
  • Relationship OSID: Cleaned up update() parameters for Relationship.
  • Type OSID: Cleaned up create() & update() parameters for Type.
  • Notification Sessions: many fixes for pattern compliance.
  • OsidProxyManager (Java binding): included declaration of close() without exceptions
3.0.0rc2 02/01/2014
OSRs Implemented:
  • OSR-3: Improved Id assignment.
  • OSR-4: Improved communication responses.
Other Changes:
  • Reclassified many entities as OsidObjects.
  • Calendaring OSID: reclassified RecurringEvent as an OsidRule.
3.0.0rc1 10/20/2013
OSRs Implemented:
  • OSR-1: Enhanced Metadata with default and existing values.
  • OSR-2: Proxy of DisplayText format Types.
New OSIDs:
  • Control OSID: a service to manage control systems and their rules.
  • Inquiry OSID: a service to manage and track notices and acknowledgements.
  • Sequencing OSID: an auxiliary service to order things.
3.0.0rc 7/12/2013 initial release candidate