OSID Specifications
acknowledgement package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleAcknowledgement Open Service Interface Definitions

The Acknowledgement OSID defines and relates credits such as authors or creators to OsidObjects.


Credits are relationships between what is being credited and to what the credit applies. The enttity being credited is represented by a Resource. This service does not define the entity to which the credit applies and instead references an OSID Id external to this service. The Id is a reference to an entity managed outside this service.

The external Id reference positions the Acknowledgement OSID as an auxiliary service that can be orchestrated with other OSIDs to provide acknowledgements with any OsidObject. Resource is an abstract interface used for a variety of purposes including people. The Acknowledgement OSID this has a very abstract feel whose primary focus is to manage the relationships.

As with many OsidRelationships, the genus Type can be used to describe the nature of the relationship, such as a writer or photographer. The CreditRecord may be used to capture data related to the relatonship itself.

OsidRelationships are temporal by including effective dates.

Billing Cataloging

Credits are mapped to Billings for organization. Billings can be managed hierarchically to federate multiple collections of Credits .