OSID Specifications
assessment package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleAssessment Open Service Interface Definitions

The Assessment OSID provides the means to create, access, and take assessments. An Assessment may represent a quiz, survey, or other evaluation that includes assessment Items. The OSID defines methods to describe the flow of control and the relationships among the objects. Assessment Items are extensible objects to capture various types of questions, such as a multiple choice or an asset submission.

The Assessment service can br broken down into several distinct services:

  • Assessment Taking
  • Assessment and Item authoring
  • Accessing and managing banks of assessments and items

Each of these service areas are covered by different session and object interfaces. The object interfaces describe both the structure of the assessment and follow an assessment management workflow of first defining assessment items and then authoring assessments based on those items. They are:

  • Item : a question and answer pair
  • Response: a response to an Item question
  • Assessment : a set of Items
  • AssessmentSection: A grouped set of Items
  • AssessmentOffering: An Assessment available for taking
  • AssessmentTaken: An AssessmentOffering that has been completed or in progress

Taking Assessments

The AssessmentSession is used to take an assessment. It captures various ways an assessment can be taken which may include time constraints, the ability to suspend and resume, and the availability of an answer.

Taking an Assessment involves first navigating through AssessmentSections. An AssessmentSection is an advanced authoring construct used to both visually divide an Assessment and impose additional constraints. Basic assessments are assumed to always have one AssessmentSection even if not explicitly created.


A basic authoring session is available in this package to map Items to Assessments. More sophisticated authoring using AssessmentParts and sequencing is available in the Assessment Authoring OSID.

Bank Cataloging

Assessments, AssessmentsOffered, AssessmentsTaken, and Items may be organized into federateable catalogs called Banks .

Sub Packages

The Assessment OSID includes an Assessment Authoring OSID for more advanced authoring and sequencing options.