OSID Specifications
billing payment package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleBilling Payment Open Service Interface Definitions

The Billing Payment OSID manages billing payments.


A Payer is an entity that pays bills. A Payer a method of payment. Customers can have multiple Payers but a Payer is not required to relate to a Customer. A Payer may have its own identity through a Resource.

Payers may have credit cards or bank account numbers on file for recurring payments. A Payer may also use the financial Activity referenced through the related Customer.


A Payment is an amount paid by a Payer for an amount owed by a Customer. Typically, the Customer for which the Payment applied is the same Customer related to the Payer but Payments may be applied to different Customers.

Sub Packages

The Billing Payment OSID contains a Billing Payment Batch OSID for making payments in bulk.