OSID Specifications
blogging package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleBlogging Open Service Interface Definitions

The Blogging OSID manages blogs.

Blog Entries

A blog Entry is an OsidObject which represents some text posted by an Agent and a timestamp. The blog Entry may include additional data available through its EntryRecord.


Blog entries are cataloged in Blogs. A single Blog may represent a set of entries posted by a single poster, or Blogs may be federated using the OSID hierarchy pattern to include a variety of blog entries across several posters. A Blog catalog may also provide a view of certain entries filteed by topic or date.


An Agent posts an Entry. The Blogging OSID also provides access to the related Resource of the posting Agent so that orchestration with a Resource OSID is unnecessary to normalize the authenticated identities where multiple Agents are in play.


The Blogging OSID may be orchestrated with the Process OSID to provide state management and/or the Ontology OSID to implement subject tagging. The OSID Blog may also be orchestrated with the Commenting OSID to provide a list of comments and ratings from other users as well as Commenting Books for tracking read blog entries for a specific user.

Sub Packages

The Blodding OSID contains a Blogging Batch OSID for managing Blogs and Entries in bulk.