OSID Specifications
checklist package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleChecklist Open Service Interface Definitions

The Checklist OSID provides a means of managing action items.


A Todo is a Temporal item that appears on a Checklist. The effective dats of aa Todo determine when the Todo is actively on the list. An ineffective Todo may be due the the completion or the skipping of the item.

A Todo may depend on one or more other Todos to help with determining an order of tackling the action items in addition the sequencing and prioritization of the items.

Todos are hierarchical to support nested action items. A parent Todo is not completed until all child Todos are completed.

Checklist Cataloging

Todos are cataloged in Checklists which may also be grouped hierarchically to federate multiple collections of Todos.

Sub Packages

The Checklist OSID contains a Checklist Mason OSID to manage the automatic creation of Todos. Todos may be created based on a cyclic event managed in the Calendaring Cyclic OSID or in response to a threshold in the Inventory OSID.