OSID Specifications
commenting package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleCommenting Open Service Interface Definitions

The Commenting OSID provides a means of relating user comments and ratings to OSID Objects.

The Commenting OSID may be used as an auxiliary service orchestrated with other OSIDs to either provide administrative comments as well as create a social network-esque comment and rating service to various OsidObjects.


Comments contain text entries logged by date and Agent. A Comment may also include a rating represented by a Grade defined in a GradeSystem. The RatingLookupSession may be used to query cumulative scores across an object reference or the entire Book.

Comments are OsidRelationships between a commentor and a reference Id. The relationship defines dates for which the comment and/or rating is effective.


An Agent comments on something. As a person is represented by a Resource in the Resource OSID, the Comments provide access to both the commenting Agent and the related Resource to avoid the need of an additional service orchestration for resolving the Agent.


Comments are cataloged in Books which may also be grouped hierarchically to federate multiple collections of comments.

Sub Packages

The Commenting OSID includes a Commenting Batch OSID for managing Comments and Books in bulk.