OSID Specifications
configuration rules package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleConfiguration Rules Open Service Interface Definitions

The Configuration Rules OSID includes rules services for the Configuration OSID.

ValueEnabler Rule

A ValueEnabler is an OsidRule that manages the visibility of Values. A Parameter may have multiple Values and which Values are returned can be governed by a ValueEnabler .

ParameterProcessor Rule

An ParameterProcessorRule is an OsidRule that manages the processing of selecting Values for a Parameter.

ParameterProcessorEnabler Rule

An ParameterProcessorEnabler is an OsidRule that operates the enabling and disabling of an ParameterProcessor.

Configuration Cataloging

ValueEnablers, ParameterProcessors, and ParameterProcessorEnablers are also cataloged in Configurations.