OSID Specifications
course chronicle package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleCourse Chronicle Open Service Interface Definitions

The Course Chronicle OSID provides services for examining the academic record. The entries in the academic record provide summary information for students in programs and courses as well as any credentials, awards, or standardized assessment scores the student may have received.

The Course Chronicle OSID provides services for creating and updating entries. The entries may be provided as read-only in response to data stored in other OSIDs or updates may be provided to override generated entries or manually insert new entries.

The following types of entries are defined that relate to their respective counterparts.

  • CourseEntries
  • ProgramEntries
  • CredentialEntries
  • AssessmentEntries
  • AwardEntries

Quick access to these entries on a per student basis may be done in the AcademicRecordSession.

CourseCatalog Cataloging

CourseEntries, ProgramEntries, CredentialEntries, AssessmentEntries, and AwardEntries can be organized into federateble OsidCatalogs.