OSID Specifications
course registration package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleCourse Registration Open Service Interface Definitions

The Course Registration OSID provides course registration services.


An ActivityBundle is a set of activities within a CourseOffering in which a student can register. A CourseOffering may have a variety of activity offerings and the activity bundle groups sets of these offerings together. For example, each section of a class may have a lecture and a lab but multiple labs may be offered. For each valid registration option grouping together a lecture and one of the offered labs is presented as an ActivityBundle .

Some registration mechanisms only require a registration at the CourseOffering level and do not permit students to select below that level. In this case, a single ActivityBundle is created for the top level CourseOffering .

ActivityBundles may further constrain the grading and credit options defined at the CourseOffering level.


A Registration is an OsidRelationship between a Resource (student) and an ActivityBundle .

Currently, transactional submission of Registrations across multiple CourseOfferings is not defined but transactional submission may be abstractly performed in the Ordering OSID. Similarly, management of waitlists may be performed in the Provisioning OSID although there is no management of waitlist behavior through CourseOfferings and ActivityBundles .


An ActivityRegistration is an OsidRelationship between a Resource and an Activity. ActivityRegistrations permit hanging data off of each Activity. ActivityRegistrations may be implicitly created upon the creation of a Regsitration.

Course Catalog Cataloging

ActivityBundles, Registrations , and ActivityRegistrations can be organized into federateble OsidCatalogs. CourseCatalogs can be used to represent a set of Registrations offered in a specific Term, year, or by subject area or sponsor.