OSID Specifications
course syllabus package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleCourse Syllabus Open Service Interface Definitions

The Course Syllabus OSID is a service that manages curriculum within a Course and relating the material to learning Objectives to create lesson plans. It may be defined very broadly or at a fine-grained level to facilitate the production of lesson Plans in the Course Plan OSID.


A Syllabus is an OsidObject representing the content of a Course. A Course may have multiple syllabi.


A Module is a major division of a Syllabus. Modules are OsidGovernators that may be toggled for inclusion in an overall Syllabus. Modules are subdivided into Docets.


A Docet is an OsidRelationship serving as a piece of content within a Module. A Docet relates to one or more learning Objectives. The learning Objectives visible through a Course may be built up using the Course Syllabus OSID.

Each Docet may include Assets for materials serving to instruct this portion of the Course or Assessments for quizzes and assignments.

A Docet may be a portion of an activity that is designated is in or out of class time and an estimated time duration. The Course Plan OSID can examine the in class Docets and their durations to understand the schedule of lesson plans through a CourseOffering in a Term.

Docets may apply to a subset of ActivityUnits with a Course .

Although Docets may be defined at very broad levels covering multiple learning Objectives and multiple ActivityUniits with long durations, when managed down to the level of a single Objective can serve to structure the lesson plan, homework assignments, and other exercises within a single instance of an Activity offering.

CourseCatalog Cataloging

Syllabi, Modules, and Docets can be organized into federateable CourseCatalog catalogs.