OSID Specifications
financials package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleFinancials Open Service Interface Definitions

The Financials OSID provides management of financial data through G/L accounts, activity accounts, budgeting, and posting transactions.


An Account is an account of the General Ledger. G/L Accounts are hierarchical to define more granular accounts. Root level accounts generally map to the top-level accounting equation.


An Activity is a view of the General Ledger from an activity or organizational perspective. An Activity contains one or more Accounts from the General Ledger. Activities are also hierarchical and may be used to map to a financial organizational hierarchy.

Fiscal Period

A FiscalPeriod is a period of time used to capture transactions and perform reporting. Generally, a fiscal period is a fiscal quarter or year.

Business Cataloging

Accounts, Activities, and FiscalPeriods are organized into federaable Businesses.

Sub Packages

The Fincncials OSID defines a Financials Budgeting OSID for managing budgets, a Financials Posting OSID for posting financial transactions, and a FInancials Batch OSID for performing bulk operations.