OSID Specifications
financials posting package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleFinancials Posting Open Service Interface Definitions

The Financials Posting OSID manages accounting transactions.

Post Entry

A PostEntry is a debit or a credit to or from an Activity and general ledger Account. Post entries are part of a Post .


A Post is the entire accounting transaction composed of PostEntries. The sum of all PostEntries in a Post should balance in a double entry accounting scheme.

A Post is related to a specific FiscalPeriod. A Post may also be marked as a correction to a previous Post where the posting date falls outside the targeted FiscalPeriod.

The posting is complete when the Post if posted. Before it is posted, the Post may be updated and assembled wby creating PostEntries. Typically, once a Post is submitted it is frozen.

A Post is transactional in that the posting of all PostEntries succeeeds or fails.

Business Cataloging

Posts and PostEntries can be organized into federateble Businesses.

Sub Packages

The Financials Posting OSID contains a Financials Posting Batch OSID for managing Posts and PostEntries in bulk.