OSID Specifications
forum package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleReply Open Service Interface Definitions

The Forum OSID defines threaded diiscussion groups managing a set of posts and replies.


A Post is an OsidObject that defines some text, a timestamp, and a poster.


A Reply is similar to a Post but is in response to either a Post or another Reply. A Reply is a Containable making directly accessible any nested Replies outside of the session.


An Agent posts to a Forum or an Agent replies to a Post. The relationship between the Agent and its associated Resource is orchestrated within the Forum OSID. Posts and Replies reveal both the posting Agent and the associated poster Resource.

Forum Catalogs

Forums represent collections of Posts. Forums may be created through federation or by selecting Posts based on their attributes to create a virtual catalog of Posts. Replies are always associated with their Posts and may not be cataloged independently.

Sub Packages

The Forum OSID contains a Forum Batch OSID for managing Posts and Replies in bulk.