OSID Specifications
grading calculation package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleGrading Calculation Open Service Interface Definitions

The Grading Calculation OSID defines a service to apply calculations to GradebookColumns .


A GradebookColumnCalculation is an OsidRule that is created on a GradebookColumn to override a all manual GradeEntry with a rule. The rule has one or more input GradebookColumns on which to calculate a result for the entries in the target GradebookCol;umn.

GradebookColumnCalculations define several baked-in rules such as averages and standard deviation. More exotic calculations can be done through the attached GradebookColumnCalculationRecord or through an associated reusable Rule .

For example, a Gradebook may have one GradebookColumn for each quiz of four scores. A fifth GradebookColumn can be created to attach a GradebookColumnCalculation to average to four input quiz scores. The sixth GradebookColumn may contain the input final exam scores and the seventh GradebookColumn defined for a custom GradebookColumnCalculation that weights the seventh column by 60% and the fifth column by 40% before averaging them. An eighth GradebookColumn may be created for an alternate GradeSystem (A-F) with an empty GradebookColumnCalculation that takes the final score in the seventh column and transforms it to a letter grade for grading submission at the end of the term.

Gradebook Cataloging

GradebookColumnCalculations are indirectly referenceable through the Gradebook to which the associated GradebookColumn reisdes. GradebookColumnCalculations do not have a complete independent service pattern since they are directly attached to a single GradebookColumn. Reusable calculations are achieved through reusable Rules .