OSID Specifications
grading package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleGrading Open Service Interface Definitions

The Grading OSID defines a service to apply grades or ratings.

Grade Systems

The grade system sessions provide the means to retrievs and manage GradeSystem definitions. A GradeSystem is a fixed set of Grades . GradeSystems may also take the form of a numerical score as well as a rating based on some system. GradeEntries belong to a single GradebookColumn.

Gradebook Columns

A Gradebook is represented by a series of GradebookColumns. A GradeBookColumn represents a something to be graded and is joined to a single GradeSystem. A GradebookColumn may be constrained to a single grader.

Grade Entries

A GradebookColumn is comprised of a series of GradeEntry elements. A GradebookColumn may represent "Assignment 3" while a GradeEntry may represent the assignment turned in by a particular student.

A Grade can be applied to a GradeEntry that relates the entry to a grader and a key Resource. In the case of a class gradebook, the key resource represents the student. If there are multiple graders for the same key resource, each grader gets their own GradebookColumn.

Gradebooks may also be used to capture ratings about other objects. In the case where people vote for their favorite assets, the key resource represents the Asset .

GradebookColumns may have a GradebookColumnSummary entry for summary results and statistics across all GradeEntries in the column.

Gradebook Cataloging

GradebookColumns are organized into Gradebooks. Gradebooks also provide for a federated hierarchy of GradebookColumns. Simple reordering of GradebookColumns can be performed by moving the GradebookColumn relative to another. The relative positioning may reference two GradebookColumns through the federation.

Sub Packages

The Grading OSID includes several subpackages. The Grading Transform OSID provides a means of translating one GradeSystem to another. The Grading Calculation OSID defines derived GradebookColumns. The Grading Batch OSID manages GradeSystems, GradeEntries, Gradebooks, and GradebookColumns in bulk.