OSID Specifications
hold package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleHold Open Service Interface Definitions

The Hold OSID provides a means for manging blacklists. The Hold OSID adds the concept of "except for" to the OSID environment. The Hold OSID can be used as part of the implementation of an Authorization OSID to override authorization Functions or as part of the Rules OSID to define managed Checks in a business process.


An Issue represents a problem. A problem might be the lack of a payment or the hosing of a system.


A Hold is an OsidRelationship between a Resource and an Issue. A Hold says that a person has not made their payment or has some problem identified by the related Issue .


Issues are be mapped to Blocks. The Block is the entity that is checked by an external evaluator. A person is "blocked" if they have any Holds related to Issues mapped to the Block. The separation of a Block and an Issue allows for one party to maintain their set of Issues that impacts the business process of another party that authors the Blocks . An example is a registrar of a university that blocks registration for students who have not returned their library books.

Oubliette Cataloging

Holds, Issues, and Blocks are organized into federatable OsidCatalogs called Oubliettes.

Sub Packages

The Hold OSID contains a Hold Rules OSID for managing the effectiveness of Holds and a Hold Batch OSID for managing Holds and Issues in bulk.