OSID Specifications
inquiry package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleInquiry Open Service Interface Definitions

The Inquiry OSID provides a means for managing a series of inquiries and acknowledgements. An example use of the Inquiry OSID is to capture an acknowledgement from a user before proceeding with some action.


An Inquiry is a question or statement posed to a user. A simple inquiry requires a yes/no response that can be recorded. An Inquiry may require the user perform some external action where the results of the action are recorded and evaluated in this service. Inquiries may be informational or may require Responses.


An Audit is a set of Inquiries that can be ordered.


A Response captures the user result of an Inquiry. Typically, a Response may simply represent a yes/no confirmation but may also be extended to capture other input data that can be evaluated.

Inquiry Workflow

The Inquiry OSID can be used as part of a workflow in which a complex series of actions and checks must be performed. The Rules Check OSID provides a means for checking Audits in which its Inquiries require positive acknowledgements in the form of Responses in order to proceed.

Inquest Cataloging

All Inquiries, Responses , and Audits may be organized into federateable OsidCatalogs called Inquests.

Sub Packages

The Inquiry OSID includes an Inquiry Rules OSID for managing the applicability of Inquiries and an Inquiry Batch OSID for managing Inquiries, Audits, and Responses in bulk.