OSID Specifications
learning package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleLearning Open Service Interface Definitions

The Learning OSID manages learning objectives. A learning Objective describes measurable learning goals.


Objectives describe measurable learning goals. A learning objective may be measured by a related Assesment. Objectives may be mapped to levels, A level is represented by a Grade which is used to indicate a grade level or level of difficulty.

Objectives are hierarchical. An Objective with children represents an objective that is inclusive of all its children. For example, an Objective that represents learning in arithmetic may be composed of objectives that represent learning in both addition and subtraction.

Objectives may also have requisites. A requisite objective is one that should be achieved before an objective is attempted.


An Activity describes actions that one can do to meet a learning objective. An Activity includes a list of Assets to read or watch, or a list of Courses to take, or a list of learning Assessments to practice. An Activity may also represent other learning activities such as taking a course or practicing an instrument. An Activity is specific to an Objective where the reusability is achieved based on what the Activity relates.


A Proficiency is an OsidRelationship measuring the competence of a Resource with respect to an Objective.

Objective Bank Cataloging

Objectives, Activities, and Proficiencies can be organized into hierarchical ObjectiveBanks for the purposes of categorization and federation.

Concept Mapping

A concept can be modeled as a learning Objective without any related Assessment or Activities. In this scenario, an Objective looks much like the simpler Subject in the Ontology OSID. The Ontology OSID is constrained to qualifying concepts while the relations found in an Objective allow for the quantification of the learning concept and providing paths to self-learning.

The Topology OSID may also be used to construct and view a concept map. While a Topology OSID Provider may be adapted from a Learning OSID or an Ontology OSID, the topology for either would be interpreted from a multi-parented hierarchy of the Objectives and Subjects respectively.


The Learning OSID may be used in conjunction with the Course OSID to identify dsired learning oitcomes from a course or to align the course activities and syllabus with stated learning objectives. The Course OSID describes learning from a structured curriculum management point of view where the Learning OSID and allows for various objectives to be combined and related without any regard to a prescribed curriculum.

Sub Packages

The Learning OSID contains a Learning Batch OSID for bulk management of Objectives, Activities, and Proficiencies .