OSID Specifications
ordering package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleOrder Open Service Interface Definitions

The Ordering OSID provides a means to manage orders and product catalogs.


Orders are a set of items submitted to an ordering system as a transaction. Each Order submitted by an agent on behalf of a customer. An Order is composed of a set of Items. Each Item includes a Product, quantity, and line item cost.


A Product represents anything that can be ordered. A Product may have a fixed availability and includes PriceSchedules.

Prices and Price Schedules

A PriceSchedule is a list of Prices that can be applied to Products. A Price is an OsidRule that determines a cost based on some basic pricing rules such as quantity ranges and demographics.

Store Cataloging

Orders, Products, and PriceSchedules can be organized into federateable Stores.

Sub Packages

The Ordering OSID includes an Ordering Rules OSID for managing the effectiveness of Prices. The Ordering OSID also contains an Ordering Batch OSID for managing Prices, Orders, and Products in buk.