OSID Specifications
resource demographic package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleResource Demographic Open Service Interface Definitions

The Resource Demographic OSID manages dynamic sets of Resources.


A Demographic is an OsidRule that manages dynamic sets of Resources. Demographics may point to an external rule, or a few options exist to build Demographics within this OSID.

  • manually adding and removing members
  • adding or subtracting other demographics
  • adding the intersection or other demographics
  • adding the results of a resource query

Once a Demographic is created, it appears like any other vague Resource in the Resource OSID that maybe referenced as a single entiity or as a group. Demographics differ from typical groups in that the population of the Demographic is typically the result of a rules evaluation.


"I would like to invite everyone whose name begins with T to my meeting." This can be accomplished by creating a demographic for "People I like to work with" using a search query matching on the name and genus type fields. The demographic Id, is also a resource Id that can be used in a Calendaring Commitment.

Then to subtract people from the "I like to ask anooying questions, repeatedly" demographic, it's Id can be added to the excluded demographic list in the "People I like to work with" demographic.

DemographicEnabler Rule

An DemographicEnabler is an OsidRule that operates the enabling and disabling of a Demographic. A disabled demographic is one whose rules are disabled and has no visible members.

Bin Cataloging

Demographics and DemographicEnablers are also cataloged in Bins.