OSID Specifications
resourcing package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleResourcing Open Service Interface Definitions

The Resourcing OSID provides a means for resourcing work. The Resourcing OSID works in conjunction with the Workflow OSID, Learning OSID, and Tracking OSID to manage the assignment of Resources to Work as part an an overall work management system.


Work is an abstract concept that represents a task that needs to be performed by workers. Workers may require a competency in order to perform the work.


A Competency is described as a set of learning Objectives. A worker meets the requirements of Work if the worker (Resource ) has a Proficiency for the related learning Objectives managed in the Learning OSID.


A Job is a collection of Work that is performed on an ongoing basis. The distinction between a Job and Work is that Work is a specific instance of a task while the Job represents the overall goal and may be perpetual. For example, a construction project is a Job that has many project components. One of the project components is the installation of electrical panels throughout the building. Each electrical panel is a Work that requires a certain Competency. The Competency indicates that the installation needs to be performed by an electrician with a Proficiency in such installations.

A Job is an OsidGovernator that governs Work and the operation of matching Resources based on the Proficiencies of the Resource and the Competencies required by the Work .


Availability indicates the Resources available to assign to Work in a Job. An Availability is an OsidRelationship between a Resource and a Job qualified by a set of Competencies .


A Commission is the assignment of a Resource to Work. A Commission is an OsidRelationship between a Resource and Work qualified by the Competency used.

Commissions may be assigned manually or automatically based on the rules of the Job. For example, a call center may route trouble tickets to a set of resources in second tier support based on the subject matter of the problem report. The trouble ticket is the Work within the Job of the call center. The subject matter is described as a required Competency and each resource in the second tier support group has a set of Proficiencies in various areas. The system selects the best Resource match optimizing the load distribution based on the Availability and the existing Commissions of the Resources .


Effort tracks the effort expended by a Resource on Work. Effort is an OsidRelationship between a Resource and a Commission .

Foundry Cataloging

Jobs, Work, Competencies, Availabilities, Commissions, and Effort may be organized into federateable OsidCatalogs. A Foundry is the OsidCatalog for the Resourcing OSID.

Sub Packages

The Resourcing OSID contains a Resourcing Rules OSID for managing the rules for operating Jobs and enabling Commissions and Availability .