OSID Specifications
topology package
Version 3.0.0
Release Candidate Preview
TitleTopology Open Service Interface Definitions

The Topology OSID provides defines a service to manage and connect nodes.


Nodes are connected to each other using Edges that allow for the storage of routing data. An Edge represents a single connection between two Nodes, and may have an optional direction assigned. The Edge defines cost and distance metrics that aid in the display and/or routing within the topology.

Topology Traversal

The traversal and routing sessions offers a different view of the topology than the typical node and edge lookup sessions. Methods exist to query neighboring nodes, inbound and outbound edges, as well as determine the shortest or least expensive route between any two nodes in a topology.

Graph Cataloging

Topologies are organized into Graphs which may also be hierarchical. Federated graphs may serve to link multiple topologies together, and offers a means of defining a set of layers among different node or edge types. The ability to assign nodes and edges to different Graphs offers a lot of flexibility, although a provider may or may not require an Edge to be defined in the same Graph as the connected Nodes.

Sub Packages

The Topology OSID includes a Topology Path OSID for managing paths through topologies and a Topology Rules OSID for mnaging the effectiveness of Edges.